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Suburban Machinery Software, Inc. has been serving the manufacturing community since 1982. We offer a complete line of Windows software for shop-floor communications, G-code editing, machine monitoring, in-process gauging with automatic paging and email. 

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PC-DNC Pro* (available June, 2014)


PC-DNC Editor

Wireless Ethernet kits

Legacy software

PC-DNC Plus operators manual (.PDF)

PC-DNC Editor operators manual (.PDF)

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NEW!    Our "next generation" DNC system is now being tested!

PC-DNC Pro* is an all-new DNC system that provides many innovative features not possible with PC-DNC Plus.

We are working hard to make PC-DNC Pro* an easy transition from PC-DNC Plus, and to provide full compatibility with the newest Windows operating systems as well as the latest wireless Ethernet technology.

Current plans are to begin shipping PC-DNC Pro* by June of 2014

NEW!   Install your own wireless DNC network with our Wireless Ethernet Kits





PC-DNC Plus has been sold and serviced by Suburban Machinery Software, Inc. and by Refresh Your Memory, Inc. (San Jose, CA) for over 15 years!
No other DNC system has all these powerful features!

PC-DNC Plus can upload, download, and drip-feed up to 255 CNCs simultaneously. It also has options for machine cycle monitoring, in-process gaging, automatic paging & e-mail, paperless manufacturing, and Ethernet support for FTP data servers and Hitachi Seiki's powerful UUP port.


PC-DNC Editor

PC-DNC Editor makes short work of complex G-code editing
tasks. It also has an RS232 serial I/O function so you can send/receive files to your CNCs.

An ideal program for your shop-floor PC or laptop.
Try PC-DNC Editor today!

PC-DNC Editor also supports Mazak CMT file I/O